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Opening for MIcrobiologist and HPLC Analyst

Postion1: Microbiologist 
Exp. 2 to 5 years 
Company: Vapi care pharma
Location: Kharauni, Baddi.  

    Responsibilities include:
    planning and carrying out trials,tracking environmental micro-organism development
    growing microbe cultures,collecting samples from a variety of locations,recording, analysing and interpreting data writing research papers, reports and reviews, keeping up-to-date with scientific and research developments,ensuring that data is recorded accurately in accordance to guidelines observing high health and safety standards inspecting food and drink manufacturing processes to check for possible contamination managing laboratories
    to comply with government food and safety regulations.

Position2: Hplc analyst 
Exp. 2 to 5 years
Company: Vapi care pharma
Location: Kharauni, Baddi.  


* Perform all functions related to taking samples, sample receipt, control and sample disposal.
* Perform analysis of routine samples and investigation of non-conforming samples, data evaluation and reporting.
* Write cGMP Quality documents including Standard Operating Procedures, laboratory equipment procedures and investigational protocols.
* Be responsible for the operation, maintenance, training delivery as an expert and maintain operating procedure for at least one piece of laboratory equipment.
* Perform technology transfer (method transfers) and critically evaluate data.
* Maintain own training record for laboratory GMP, regulatory compliance and Health & Safety.
Qualifications/education requirements
* Bachelor's degree or more in Chemistry 
* Preferred: 1 to 2 year experience in a pharmaceutical laboratory environment with cGMP requirements. 
* Basic manual analytical technique and working experience with UV/VIS and FTIR
* Working knowledge of tablet and capsule physical tests and tablet/capsule dissolution.
* Familiarity with equipment such as HPLC, GC 

To apply send resume to Send resume on or call 9805966955 Ramesh Shrivastav. Freshers can also apply


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